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​​​​​​​​​Lung Trials

Cancer Control/Prevention

Small Cell

C30610: Phase III Comparison of Thoracic Radiotherapy Regimens in Patients with Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer also Receiving Cisplatin and Etophoside​​

​​AFT-​17: Randomized Phase II Study Evaluating Pembrolizumab vs Topotecan in the Second-line Treatment of Patients with Small Cell Lung Ca​ncer 

Non-Small Cell, Neo-Adjuvant


Non-Small Cell, Adjuvant

A151216:  Adjuvant Lung Cancer Enrichment Marker Identification and Sequencing Trial (ALCHEMIST)​

A081105:  Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study of Erlotinib or Placebo in Patients with Completely Resected Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)​​

E4512:  A Phase III Double-Blind Trial for Surgically Resected Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Crizotinib versus Placebo for Patients with Tumors Harboring the Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) Fusion Protein​​​​

EA​5142: Adjuvant Nivolumab in Resected Lung Cancers (ANVIL) A Randomized Phase III Study of Nivolumab After Surgical Resection and Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers

Non-Small Cell, Advanced

LU002: Maintenance Systemic Therapy Versus Consolidative Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Plus Maintenance Systemic Therapy for Limited Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Randomized Phase II/III Trial​

​​S1403:  A Randomized Phase II/III Trial of Afatinib Plus Cetuximab Versus Afatinib Alone in Treatment-Naive Patients with Advanced, EGFR Mutation Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) (BI 1200.124)​​​

S1400:  Phase II/III Biomarker-Driven Master Protocol for Second Line Therapy of Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (Treatment Sub-Study A Comparing Agent MEDI4736 to Docetaxel)

AFT-09:  Randomized Phase II Trial Evaluating the Optimal Sequencing of PD-1 Inhibition with Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) and Standard Platinum-based Chemotherapy in Patients with Chemotherapy Naive stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

AFT-31: Nivolumab with or without nab-Paclitaxel in previously treated, advacned stage, non-small cell lung cancer: a randomized Phase II study


PrE0​505 Open Label, Phase II Study of Anti-Programmed Death -- Ligand 1 Antibody, Durvalumab (MEDI4736), in Combination with Chemotherapy for the First-Line Treatment of Unresectable Mesothelioma