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​​​​​​​Gastrointestinal Trials


Cancer Control/Prevention

S0820: A Double Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Eflornithine and Sulindac to Prevent Recurrance of High Risk Adenomas and Secondary Primary Colorectal Cancers in Patients with Stage 0-III Colon Cancer, Phase III-Preventing Adenomas of th​e Colon with Eflornithine and Sulindace (PACES) 


Gastric and Gastro-Esophageal



​​MPR-1​: NSABP Patient Registry and Biospecimen Profiling Repository


N1048: A Phase II/III Trial of Neoadujvant FOLFOX with Selective Use of Combined Modality Chemoradiation versus Preoeprative Combined Modality Chemoradiation for Locally Advanced Retal Cancer Patients Undergoing Low Anterior Resection with Mesorectal Excisio​n

GI002: A Phase II Clinical Trial Platform of Sensitization Utilizing Total Neoadjuvant Therapy (TNT) in Rectal Cancer​

​Small Bowel

Pancreas, Adjuvant

S1​​505:  A Randomized Phase II Study of Perioperative mFOLFIRINOX versus Gemcitabine/nab-Paclitaxel as Therapy for Resectable P​ancreatic Adenocarcinoma​

R0848: A Phase IIR and A Phase III Trial Evaluating Both Erlotinib (Ph II-R) and Chemoradiation (PhIII) as Adjuvant Treatment for Patients with Resected Head of Pancreas Adenocarcinoma​​

Pancreas, Advanced

​​Pancreas, Metastatic 

CanStem 111P BBI-608 plus NAB-pacliatxel with gemcitabine


EA2142: Gastroenteropancreatic, Non-Small Cell, 1st line, Adv. or Unresectable or Metastatic: Carbo or DDP+VP-16 vs. Temodar/Xeloda

EA2161: A Phase II Study of MLN0128 (TAK-228) in Rapalog-Resistant Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (PNET)

Liver, Advan​ced​

 Liver, Unresectable

GI001:  Randomized Phase III Study of Focal Radiation Therapy for Unresectable, Localized Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma​ Carcinoid